Does Triple Sec Go Bad?

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Grand Marnier vs Triple Sec: What’s the Difference?

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Is Cointreau Gluten-free?

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Is Triple Sec Gluten-free?

Find out if triple sec contains gluten and folks on a gluten-free diet can safely enjoy this orange liqueur. Triple sec is a popular orange-flavored liqueur that’s great in mixed drinks and cocktails. If you’ve ever had a margarita, cosmopolitan, or sidecar, you’ve probably had triple sec in a drink before. Read on: What is… Continue reading Is Triple Sec Gluten-free?

Cointreau Margarita

Enjoy this margarita made with Cointreau, tequila, fresh lime juice, simple syrup all in a salt-rimmed glass! Make one for yourself or more and share with friends! Margaritas are a staple at Taco Tuesday and Friday nights at my house. If you enjoy mixing up the perfect margarita, you know you need to add some… Continue reading Cointreau Margarita

50 Triple Sec Brands

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