Does Triple Sec Go Bad?

Find out what the shelf life for triple sec is and if this orange liqueur goes bad. Plus the signs your triple sec has turned.

Does Triple Sec Go Bad?

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If you enjoy triple sec in your mixed drinks but don’t use it often, you may have wondered how long triple sec lasts. You may have found an old bottle in the back of your cabinet and wondered to yourself “does triple sec go bad?”

In this post, we’re going to talk about what triple sec is, how to store this orange liqueur, and how long triple sec generally lasts. We’ll also talk about if triple sec can go bad, if it makes a difference if the bottle is opened or not, and the signs that your triple sec has seen better days.

Read on if you want to know if that old bottle of triple sec you just found is still okay to drink.

What is triple sec?

Triple sec is an orange flavored liqueur that is sweet and clear. It’s used in many mixed drinks, and contains about 15 to 40 percent alcohol by volume. 

Triple sec is made by infusing alcohol, generally made from beet sugar, with the peels from bitter not-quite-ripened orange peels during the maceration process. 

The orange flavor comes from the essential oils that come out while the oranges and the alcohol combine for a few days. The liqueur is then distilled, and may be completed there or more beet sugar, water, or alcohol may be added.

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How to store triple sec

Triple sec should be stored in a cool, dry place after it has been opened. It can be stored in a refrigerator if you choose to keep it cool as well, but it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

A pantry or cabinet is a fine place to store your triple sec, as is a bar cart or any other place you keep alcohol in your home. Like other alcohol, triple sec is sensitive to temperature change and light, so keeping it in a cabinet that’s dark is probably a good idea.

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How long does triple sec last?

Triple sec can last pretty much forever, but once it’s been opened, you can assume that some of the contents will evaporate and flavor may be lost as time goes on. 

Triple sec can be safe to consume for years even after being opened, just know that the flavor may not be the same as what it was originally. In general, you can expect an opened bottle of triple sec to last around three years before the taste or appearance of the liqueur changes. An unopened bottle can last upwards of 10 years in a cool, dark, and dry environment.

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Can triple sec go bad?

Just like any other food or drink, triple sec can go bad though it’s shelf life is indefinite. When stored properly, it can last for years and even decades. 

That said, if triple sec develops an odor or the color, flavor, or texture is different than it was when originally purchased, it should be thrown away. 

Does triple sec go bad after opening?

Triple sec doesn’t have a definitive timeline on going bad after being opened. In general, its shelf life is years when left untouched in a cool, dry place like a cabinet. 

That said, over time the flavor and quality may diminish. Keep in mind that any triple sec that has a different smell or appearance than when you first bought it should be thrown out. There’s no reason to risk getting sick from an old bottle of triple sec.

Triple sec that hasn’t been opened is much more likely to last longer than an opened bottle of triple sec. That said, again before you drink it, it’s important to look at the color, consistency, and smell before determining if you’d want to add it to your drinks.

How to tell if triple sec has gone bad

The easiest way to tell if triple sec has gone bad is to look at it for signs of a difference in color and texture. Next, smelling it to see if it smells as it should, with an orange flavor. If it smells off, you should get rid of it and not use it in your drinks.

Can you get sick from old triple sec?

Like any food or drink, there is the possibility of getting sick from old triple sec. That’s why if you’ve had a bottle in your cabinet for years, it’s important to look at it for any signs that the alcohol may have changed in smell or appearance before drinking it.

If you’ve been wondering if triple sec can go bad, I hope this post has given you the answers you’ve been looking for. Triple sec can last for years without going bad, but it’s important to check the bottle before using it if you aren’t certain how long you’ve owned it for any signs that the alcohol may have turned.

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