What is Solerno?

Find out what Solerno is and if this blood orange liqueur is a triple sec, plus how it differs from other triple secs and how to use it.

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If you’ve been perusing the triple sec aisle at your local liquor store lately, you may have noticed all kinds of different options with varying prices and overwhelming options. You may have been looking for a simple triple sec, but then came across blood orange liqueur and got a little curious.

Solerno is one of the most popular brands of blood orange liqueur and is a unique option for mixing up your typical drinks that call for triple sec or orange liqueur. Find out in this post what Solerno is, what it’s made from, tastes like, and how to use it in your favorite drinks.

What is Solerno?

Solerno is a type of orange liqueur that is made using blood oranges. It is produced in Sicily, Italy, where they source all the oranges used in flavoring this liqueur.

Solerno is a versatile liqueur that can be used in all kinds of mixed drinks, from martinis to margaritas to Palermos, to adding a twist to your favorite sangria. Solerno has an alcohol volume of 40%.

Their bottle says it all with the tagline: “Celebrating the original and naturally intense flavour of Sicilian blood oranges.”

What is Solerno made from?

Solerno is made from perfectly ripe blood oranges that have been peeled. The blood orange peels are used to infuse this liqueur to make a bold and potent blood orange flavored liqueur that’s great for adding to your favorite cocktails.

The blood oranges used in Solerno come from Italy, and Sicily more specifically. This fruit is used to infuse a neutral spirit base along with Italian lemons and natural sugar. 

What does Solerno taste like?

Solerno has a distinct taste of blood oranges, lemon, red berries, and orange blossom. The Total Wine website describes the taste as “intense, apricot, clove, cinnamon, complex,” while Drizly says Solerno has a tasting profile of “bitter, sweet, and mouthwatering.” 

Is Solerno a triple sec?

Solerno is considered a triple sec, but uses a particular type of oranges, blood oranges, in place of your usual Valencia or other variety of oranges used in triple secs.

Triple sec is any orange flavored liqueur that is sweet and clear. It’s made by infusing alcohol with orange peels during the maceration process, which Solerno does beautifully with Sicilian blood oranges and Italian lemons to give a very bright flavor.

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Is Solerno the same as Cointreau?

Solerno and Cointreau are different, not only in name but in ingredients and location of production as well.

Solerno is a specific triple sec brand made in Sicily using Sicilian blood oranges to flavor its orange liqueur. 

Cointreau is a specific triple sec brand made in Saint-Barthelemy d’Anjou, France using a proprietary recipe along with specific ingredients, including their oranges, that make their triple sec unique, as well.

Though these liqueurs are both considered to be triple sec, they are not one in the same. They can be used interchangeably in recipes, but the flavor will come out differently as one has a bright orange flavor while the other is distinctly blood orange flavored.

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What drinks can you make with Solerno?

Solerno is a great addition to just about any drinks you’d add an orange liqueur to. It has a bold flavor, so it’s best when mixed into cocktails or mixed drinks. Try it in a martini or if a recipe calls for Grand Marnier or Cointreau, you can make the swap for Solerno to get a blood orange flavor.

Enjoy Solerno in cosmopolitans, sangria, or add to a glass of your favorite moscato wine. Enjoy it in a Palermo cocktail to add to the major flavor of this drink, which is made up of blood orange juice, blood orange soda, tequila, and lime.

What other brands make blood orange liqueur?

You can find a few other blood orange flavored triple secs on the market. Here are a few to keep your eyes peeled for if you’re interested in trying out other options than Solerno:

If you’ve been wondering what Solerno is and what you can do with it, I hope this post has helped you get the high level view of what this blood orange liqueur has to offer. Next time you’re searching for a triple sec, consider giving this delicious option a try!

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