What is Cointreau?

Cointreau is a popular liqueur you can find in many mixed drinks and cocktails at most bars and restaurants. If you’re just getting started with mixology or are interested in learning more about this liqueur, read on for more information. Find out what Cointreau is, where it originated, what it’s made from, what the alcohol… Continue reading What is Cointreau?

What is Grand Marnier?

Find out what Grand Marnier is, what it’s made from, what drinks it’s used for, and the alcohol content. If you love mixed drinks and cocktails, you’re probably no stranger to the popular liqueur, Grand Marnier. But if you’ve never looked into this liqueur, you might be wondering what it is and what it’s used… Continue reading What is Grand Marnier?

What is Triple Sec?

Discover what ingredients are in triple sec, how it’s made, where it gets its name, and how much alcohol to expect in this popular liqueur. Do you love triple sec added to your cocktails, but have always wondered what it is and what it’s made from? If you love oranges, you’ll love triple sec. This… Continue reading What is Triple Sec?